Professional for you to create the ideal foam customization

Order personalized, high-quality custom foam and branded foam products your customers will love all-in-one place

Professional for you to create the ideal foam customization

Order personalized, high-quality custom foam and branded foam products your customers will love all-in-one place 

Never worry about going to multiple sources to get your dream foam customization

We are your best solution for Foam Customization

Professional design

Our professional appearance and structure designers can customize all kinds of foam products

Professional foam expert support

Our experts will provide feasible solutions throughout the process

Active cost optimization and cost-effective offer

We only offer very good value for money, the same quality we provide better price, the same price we provide better quality

Elaborate samples

Before the order is put into production, we will make a sample free of charge, and you only need to pay the corresponding freight

Strict management

Through strict production process and 100% quality inspection, to ensure the quality of each foam

Logistics scheme

Provide a variety of the most cost-effective logistics solutions

The foamcustom promise

We guarantee the highest quality product and customer experience with every order

Services that meet your foam customization needs

Our foam experts can provide all the services you need, provide your foam products the best solution, so as to achieve the overall success of foam customization

Foam audit

Based on years of experience in the bubble industry, we will constructively put forward suggestions for improvement of the bubble.

Foam strategy

Customize your foam strategy with our foam experts to make your foam product more competitive.

Cost optimization

Optimize cost saving strategies for custom foam, such as material replacement.

Supply chain optimization

Analyze and improve the existing supply chain to obtain the most effective purchasing network.

Foam appearance design

Work with our exterior designers to create a stunning foam look.

Foam structural design

According to your foam product needs, our professional structural engineers will quickly design a reasonable product structure.

Make a sample

Test and adjust the design of your foam product with samples to turn your wishes into reality before mass production.

Foam testing

Conduct tests on critical items, such as foam shape recovery under high and low temperature vacuum environment.

Material optimization

On the premise of ensuring product structure and quality, waste and loss of materials should be reduced as much as possible.

Qualified raw materials

We and each have the strength material supplier to maintain the long-term cooperation, their quality has with stood the time precipitation and the baptism.

Managed manufacturing

Production line employees are trained to be qualified before they can take up their posts, and regular production process examinations are held to obtain the highest product quality assurance.

Unmatched product quality

Through strict quality control and 100% quality inspection of finished products, you can have full confidence in your foam products.

Route optimization

We can provide the most cost-effective logistics solutions according to your foam quantity and logistics timeliness.

Space optimization

Reasonable packaging size design and scientific loading cabinet,ensure the full use of space, greatly reducing the cost of transportation.

Delivered on time

Material suppliers, production lines and logistics companies work together to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your foam products.

100% customer satisfaction

With the concept of customer first, actively deal with every problem reflected by customers, so that customers are 100% satisfied.

Project review

According to the feedback of target market and end consumers, you and our foam experts continue to optimize the product to make it more competitive in the market.

Closed-loop optimization of projects

Optimize the whole closed-loop process from raw material procurement, production and manufacturing, logistics delivery, etc, Improve overall efficiency and your return on investment is greater.

Achieve the full success of foam customization
through Foamcustom's approach

Save time and cost

Benefit from years of industry experience and continuous progress and innovation, to save you as much time and money as possible.

More trustworthy

Professional foam custom factory to help you every time the foam customization easier to success.

More brand influence

Through the brand influence and amazing foam design, to leave a lasting impression on customers.

Continuous and in-depth cooperation

Professional industry technology, amazing product quality, all-round quality service and more competitive prices in the market, make our cooperation more sustainable.

Your ultimate foam manufacturer

Foamcustom is your go-to destination for everything custom foams — by delivering support at every step of the custom foams journey from concept to reality, our customers are able to achieve the foam of their dreams with ease.

Global Foam Customization

Support the customization of foams of various materials and the cutting of different shapes and sizes.

Manufacturing Excellence

Enhance the value of your products through high-quality foams and gain more customer recognition.

Recognition of well-known brands

More than 100 well-known brands around the world have maintained in-depth cooperation with us for a long time.

Let's see what our customers say

Don’t let what we say affect your judgment, maybe these customers had the same concerns as you did.

Best Foams for my small Business

I was more than happy with the quality of these foams. I'm happy I found this company for my needs. The foams look so much more professional. I would recommend them to anyone.

Glenn Siesser

Because of my work, I have to deal with different sizes and materials of foams every day, and we have cooperated with hundreds of foam suppliers, I have to say that Foamcustom is the best foam supplier I have been engaged in this position for 18 years, whether it is material, price, delivery, service is amazing, unparalleled, I will recommend Foamcustom to anyone.

Christine Miller
Great quality!

Great support and advice, fast delivery. Couldn't have been a better experience. Foamcustom went above and beyond to help provide us with the best option. And the price was very competitive, too.

Best Foams For My Business Ever!

Over the past 5 years, we have cooperated with Foamcustom for 240000 foams, they are the best foam suppliers we have ever seen, at the beginning, the number of our foams is only a few dozen, but also need personalized customization, they did not refuse us because of the small number of problems, precisely because of their excellent quality, lower prices and excellent service. We have cooperated with them for 5 years, if you are the same as us 5 years ago, the number of foams is not much, but also need personalized customization, Foamcustom must be the best choice!

kathy jones
I would recommend!

Exactly what we wanted. This is very high quality, no odor at all. excellent communication. helped with every aspect. above and beyond. precise measurements. Perfect!


The Foamcustom foams are hands down the best foams I have ever used! These foams have exceeded all of my expectations! I have never had a customer complaint since using these foams.

The best choice!

I am a senior Amazon seller who has been selling dog Stairs for many years, because of the product quality problems led to our sales getting worse and worse, until one day we found Foamcustom on the website, because of their professionalism, we began to cooperate with them, our sales are much better than before.

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Frequently asked questions

We are a professional foam manufacturer in China, producing and processing all kinds of foam products for 19 years. in the past has been through the traditional sales model to carry out business, we entered the e-commerce to carry out business relatively late, so in order to seize the market to obtain more customers, we are selling at cost price, all based on our own foam quality has absolute confidence, because we regard quality as life.

You don’t need to buy, we will according to your needs, free design and free production of a sample, and you only need to pay the corresponding freight.

We are a famous foam manufacturer in China, and have cooperation with world famous enterprises, after your foam is produced, it will be shipped from China to your designated destination.

Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) depends on the specific product and customization requirements, for more information on the minimum order quantity for the item(s) you are interested in, please contact our product specialists.

We strongly recommend our valued customers to follow our minimum order quantity as this will reduce the cost of the product. Of course, in practice, we will try our best to meet the specific needs of customers and meet their a smaller order quantity. If you are interested in our products, you can contact our product experts, who will be very happy to provide you with help and guidance.

At present, our factory is equipped with 36 production lines, during the peak order period, we produce 24 hours a day, the production date of the order is generally 8 to 30 working days, but it depends on the foam type, order quantity and so on.

It takes 3-20 days by air and 10-40 days by sea, if you need to receive the foam as soon as possible, we can provide part by air and part by sea.